• Riding at the ISA in Peru

    8'2 Barker 'Rapture model' at the 2013 ISA in peru

Barker SUP Boards

About Us

Barker SUP Boards are a collaboration between Matt Barker Smith and Roger Cooper .

The board line comprises of 4 shapes which can be tweaked for more/less volume or width.

Barker Board Features


The board templates have been developed to accommodate a variety of users from performance minded to performance emerging paddle surfers.


Using a variety of simple and innovative materials coupled with superb craftsmanship , Barker boards offer you a durable and locally made UK paddle surf product fully customisable if needed, so that you get just the right board under your feet.


Our boards are made with ‘you’ the rider in mind , rest assured our boards have been tested and developed for most of the conditions you put them into. All the board shapes will enhance your surfing experience.

Barker Stand up Paddle boards

Latest board models


8'2 Barker Paddlesurf SUP - 8'2" x 30"

8'6 Barker Paddlesurf SUP - 8'6 x 30" 1/2

9'2 Barker Paddlesurf SUP - 9'2 x 33" 1/2

9'9 Barker Longboard SUP - 9'9 x 31"


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